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Jun 19 2018
The United States Has #TenderAge Pens For Toddlers & Infants Separated From Their Immigrant Parents Comments (0)

There are funny ways to lampoon and shame Trump and his villainous cronies (and voters) for the unconscionable separation of parents and children at our borders, like the brilliant satire above.

However, it is a serious issue. Little kids — even babies — are being pried from their parents, who only seek a better life. This is Trump's policy. He keeps trying to say it isn't his policy, but it is — he is enforcing it, and he can end it any time. Rachel Maddow knows this, and watching her break down is all you need to know about where her heart is:

Here is your choice:

Here is Trump's advisor Steve Cortes calling immigrants invaders. We are returning to Nazi Germany, and that is not an overstatement — that is a warning. Trump and his people are laying that groundwork: