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Jun 06 2018
Wrestler Mania + Kathy Griffin Honored + Queer Art + How NOT To React To A Coming-Out + Amazing Election Results + Grenell's Alt-Right Advocacy + Cate & Sarah Cutting Up On TODAY + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: Fashionably hot.

Below: Keep reading for a sexy wrestler, a queer art show, a straight woman's guide to reacting to gay people, amazing election results, and the funniest Today interview of all time ...

  Jacob KasperJacob Kasper assumes the position. (Image via Duke)

KENNETH IN THE (212): Is red-hot wrestler Jacob Kasper the next John Cena?

PAGE SIX: WeHo to honor Kathy Griffin for her LGBTQ activism.

FXCollaborative(Image via FXCollaborative)

FXCollaborative: Queer art exhibition in NYC looks great:

FXOne ... presents pronouns, a multi-media exhibition that celebrates differences–whether gender identity or experiences–and giving people the title they themselves adopt. Artists represented in the exhibition include: Jimmy Allen, Roman Burns, José Carlos Casado, Thomas Evans Photography, Kat Ivanova, Shelton Pritchard Lindsay, Manuel Morquecho, Santos Muñoz, Marvine Pierre, uptowneastnyc, and Justin Winslow.

LGBTQ NATION: Meet the straight mom who knows exactly how straight people should and should not react when someone comes out to them:


TOWLEROAD: Out lesbian Julia Fahl has delivered a stunning defeat to Lambertville, FahlNew Jersey, Mayor David DelVecchio, unseating him unexpectedly after 27 years in the office.

ABC7 NEWS: Thanks to San Francisco's ranked choice system, Democrat Mark Leno, 66, has pulled ahead of frontrunner London Breed, 43, also a Dem, in the city's race for mayor. Leno allied with Jane Kim, asking voters to vote for them as #1 and #2, a concerted effort to top Breed, who was otherwise the frontrunner. It appears to have worked. If Leno prevails, he will become the city's first out gay mayor. If Breed were to regain the lead, she would become the first African-American woman elected to the post.

POLITICO: Richard Grenell, homocon U.S. ambassador to Germany, is vying for the title of worst gay in the world (Milo Yiannopoulos and Peter Thiel are jealous) are bragging to Breitbart of his explicit support for the alt-right. Disgraceful comments, and many in Germany across the political spectrum are already calling for the newly minted diplomat to be recalled. This elitist who works for a billionaire says in response: 

HUFF POST: Democrats have flipped yet another traditionally Republican seat, this one in Missouri.

CRIME WATCH DAILY: Voters have decided to toss Judge Aaron Persky, who gave Stanford rapist Brock Turner a pitifully short six-month sentence. First time in 86 years that California has expelled a justice.

NEW NOW NEXT: Roseanne just can't quit Twitter. She encouraged her followers to vote (they apparently didn't!) and cryptically claimed to be making restitution “for the pain that I have caused.”

JOE.MY.GOD.: It sucks that we need Dems like Joe Manchin to maintain any kind of footing in the Senate, but we do. His latest? He may endorse Trump in 2020.

TODAY: This interview of Cate Blanchett and Sarah Paulson by Hoda Kotb will go down in history as one of the most hilarious ever — Kotb's mascara literally runs as they devolve into hysterics: