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Jun 20 2018
Tovey Single + Warwick Rowers Get To Be Naked On Instagram Again + Trump Reverses Course On Immigration + Brian Sims Gives The Finger To Mike Pence + Reclaiming A Gay Slur + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: Tight end.

Below: Keep reading for Russell Tovey's breakup, Instagram vs. the Warwick Rowers, Trump caving on immigration (and pretending Obama got him into the mess), plus more ...

Russell-tovey-steve-brokmanSadly, they broke up. Happily, they're both now available. (Image via Instagram)

GAY FLESHBOT (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Russell Tovey and ex-porn star fiancé are dunzo.

DgELV3xW0AEmR6V.jpg-largeNakedly ambitious (Image via Warwick Rowers)

COCKTAILS & COCKTALK: The fabled Warwick Rowers were booted from uptight Instagram on grounds of nudity — but the bad PR got them reinstated.

HUFF POST: Trump claimed he didn't create the family-separation border policy (he did). He claimed he couldn't fix it (he could). He finally caved to pressure, and is rescinding the order as if he's a hero — but now, families will simply be caged together (not good enough).

FACEBOOK: Brian Sims welcomed Mike Pence to Philly with a middle finger:

TOWLEROAD: Michael Cohen quits RNC; is he prepping to flip on Trump?

JOE.MY.GOD.: Michael Bloomberg is spending $80M to help flip the House to the Dems.

35507197_10157546294524502_5482545222430752768_n(Image via Richard Skipper)

RICHARDSKIPPER.COM: Get ready to celebrate New Identity Day in NYC with Richard Skipper!

BROADWAY.COM: The story behind Tom Andersen's “Morning Glow” cover, three years after SCOTUS made same-sex marriage the law of the land. (For now.)

HORNET: Johnny Lopez writes movingly of reclaiming the word maricón, which had haunted him all this life:

Even after all of my work over the last two decades, living my best life as my authentic self, I realized I was still under the tyranny of my captor. I could still hear that Spanish voice telling me to dim my light in order to make others feel more comfortable. I could still hear that voice calling me maricón.

So this year, I finally said enough. Enough to this one-word childhood oppressor. Enough to these seven letters (accent on the ‘o’) that continued to have a hold on me as an adult. Enough to feeling small, ashamed or less than.

This year, feeling louder and prouder than ever (the one positive effect of being subjected to this relentlessly vulgar, corrupt, backward and vehemently anti-LGBT administration), I chose to unravel the grip of Señor M once and for all.

1994_0419_25_Minkowitz_Brandon_T_OP-1Brandon Teena (R) in a family photo

VILLAGE VOICE: Queer journalist Donna Minkowitz revisits her iconic story about Brandon Teena — and admits she got it wrong in a way that was crucial to the truth, and that was rooted in her ignorance of trans people.

EXTRATV: Janet Jackson opens up on her battle with depression.

FACEBOOK: Madonna-themed DANCE-A-Thon Party hits NYC at Rockbar!

33990869_1708201415882290_5879047888708829184_o(Image via