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Jun 08 2018
Hugging Nyle DiMarco + Hartnett's Heinie + Pulse Lawsuit + Trump Sucks Up To Putin In G-7 Plea + Inside The SENSE8 Fan Screening + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: Summer boy.

Below: Trump's Russian meddling, Pulse lawsuit, Josh Hartnett's heinie and more ...

Nyle4Nyle's a big teddy bear himself. (Image via Nyle DiMarco)

TWITTER: Nyle DiMarco hugs a bear for BuzzFeed: 

GAY FLESHBOT (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Josh Hartnett shows his booty in new movie. Hartnett-40days-hd-s-07_infobox

ORLANDO SENTINEL: A group of 39 Pulse survivors/family members are suing the club's owners, Barbara and Rosario Poma, for negligence. They claim the owners did not provide adequate security, making them partially responsible for the tragic outcome of Omar Mateen's attack on the space:

The lawsuit claims the club did not have enough bouncers or security guards in place the night of the attack.

“They contracted out security to the Orlando Police Department,” said Keith Altman, the attorney who filed the suit. “...It just seems like they were trying to put the club beyond the reach for liabilities and I don’t know that that’s OK.”

Representatives for the Pomas did not immediately respond to a message seeking comment.

Altman has filed lawsuits related to the attack in the past, suing social media companies Facebook, Twitter, and Google — which owns YouTube — claiming the tech giants let members of the Islamic State group spread their message on their platforms, leading to radicalization and attacks.

AuWilson Cruz (Image via AU)

AU: AU cover man Wilson Cruz is profiled as a dedicated HIV advocate.

POLITICO: Russian “dream date” Donald J. Trump calls on the G-7 to admit Russia as he slams U.S. allies. Again:

His suggestion that the G-7 welcome Russia back into the fold is likely to heighten tensions in Quebec, where the president is expected to meet with allies irate over his decision to impose tariffs on imports from Canada and the European Union. In recent days, Trump has exchanged a war of words with French President Emmanuel Macron and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and is expected to hold strained bilateral meetings with them later on Friday.

RANDY RAINBOW: The Commander of Cheese video is too, too good:

HUFF POST: Mueller's probe continues to bear fruit — now, he's added charges against Paul Manafort and indicted his Russian associate Konstantin Klimnik.

WAPO: Right-wing columnist Charles Krauthammer's cancer has returned; he announces he has weeks left to live.

BR01056420180608-9909-1h184lm(Images via Netflix)

NETFLIX: Would've been fun to attend the Sense8 series-finale fan screening. Woofs galore. BR01059720180608-9826-1av592fWill you miss the edgy series? Pics above and to the right, with Miguel Angel Silvestre front and center.

LGBTQ NATION: Remembering Anthony Bourdain's pro-LGBTQ legacy.

EW: Antonio Banderas calls Madonna “the most committed artist” with whom he has ever worked:

She got an idea with [director] Alan Parker: we have 5,000 extras in the Plaza de Mayo where she has to give a speech — ”Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina.” So she came dressed as Eva Duarte de Perón, shooting with no rehearsal, no nothing, and the extras’ reaction was extraordinary. All of the extras started crying, and the cameras were shooting, so we captured all of that. It was one of those magic moments I will never forget.

OUT: Holden Nowell, the gay guy from the “Call Me Maybe” music video, hates being known as the gay guy from the “Call Me Maybe” music video.

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 2.05.05 PMHolden's claim to fame (Image via YouTube @CarlyRaeMusic)