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Jul 09 2018
Brett Kavanaugh, Trump's 2nd SCOTUS Pick, Will Vote Against Roe v. Wade, Thinks Presidents Are Unindictable Comments (0)

Brett Kavanaugh, 53, is Trump's second SCOTUS pick.

Like his first, he is virulently anti-abortion. Unlike his first, he was probably selected because he is on the record saying that presidents shouldn't be encumbered by lawsuits and indictments and such.

I guess once you become president, you should be seen as a god-king?

Terrible man.

I actually think his abortion stance is less valid a reason to block him than his stance on indicting a sitting president, seeing as how a president under investigation is installing him. Would be nice to see every Democrat stonewall him and to have some Republicans do the same, but I don't see it. I guess all those anti-Hillary women can just deal with it if they're pro-choice.