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Jul 19 2018
A Voyeuristic Peek At PHYSIQUE PICTORIAL + Netanyahu Stabs Gays In The Back + Queer Heat + Soccer Junk Flies Free! + Spicer: Mueller Not Hunting Witches + Cuomo Open To Slaying Trumps + Gay Porn Actors And The Women Who Love Them + MORE! —12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: Yes, but can you moan DAD when he's possibly younger than you are?

Below: Peeking at hot guys in a hot mag, queer visuals that are anything but empty, a soccer player's junk flops out, Netanyahu betrays gays, and much more ...

Ross CollabRoss Collab gets acquainted with parts of the latest Physique Pictorial. (Image via video still)

PHYSIQUE PICTORIAL: Ross Collab takes a look inside the new Physique Pictorial:

JERUSALEM POST: He's gay, he's black, he's ... a rabbi.

HAARETZ: Israel's Netanyahu has voted against surrogacy births for gay parents — and was booed after the vote. What a pig. He has voiced support for gay parents, and did so as recently as this week!

In related news, the GOP has voted to approve an amendment to a funding bill that would punish states that are against adoption agencies that discriminate against gay parents. If you're gay and supporting Trump, you are supporting the most sweeping anti-gay “correction” in the law that we've ever seen.

Gay ass butt booty nudePut up your dukes, part 1. (Image via Ugly, Ugly Emptiness)

UGLY, UGLY EMPTINESS: Still one of the best-curated queer visual-arts Tumblrs imaginable.

Boxer muscles underwearPut up your dukes, part 2. (Image via Ugly, Ugly Emptiness)

GAY FLESHBOT (WORK UNFRIENDLY): French football Vincenzo Rennella's junk flopped out of his shorts during a game, and those balls were anything but foul.

JOE.MY.GOD.: Sean Spicer says he doesn't think the Mueller probe is a witch hunt. P.S. Mueller has over 500 pieces of evidence to potentially present against Manafort. Angels-in-America-1993

CNN: NY Governor Andrew Cuomo says he would authorize an investigation into the Trump Foundation.

BACK2STONEWALL: The original '93 press reel for Angels in America is a treasure, as is the play.

Jenni-OlsonJenni Olson on her Blue period (Image via head shot)

NEWNOWNEXT: The great Jenni Olson, LGBTQ cineaste extraordinaire, writes about butch vulnerability and the remastering of her fine Blue Diary short.

TOWLEROAD: Gay trans student Daine Grey committed suicide — and his family has so far refused to even claim the body. In a show of compassion and support, his fellow college classmates have raised over $20K for the burial.

PINK NEWS: New research sheds light on why so many straight women like gay male porn. Wait, that trend is news to you? 'Cuz:

In 2016, Pornhub revealed that women make up more than one third (37 percent) of people watching gay male-on-male porn. Proportionally, the data showed that women were more than two-thirds (69 percent) more likely to watch gay porn that their male counterparts.

And, in 2015, the porn site found that porn featuring gay men was consistently the second most popular category of porn for women.

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