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Jul 21 2018
American Bi-dol: The Header That Refused To Not Be Used Comments (0)

1939884_664896860233381_1382787627_o-825x510DeAndre is bi and proud! (Image via Fox)

A former Americal Idol contestant has come out as bi, granting a wide-ranging interview to Unite Seattle ...

DeAndre Brackensick comes out as bi and tells Unite Seattle that Pride, to him, means:

Pride is an important time to me. Being part of the LGBTQ community, it’s a time for me to reflect and remember who I am is to be celebrated not only for this month but the whole year. Even though we have progressed in the world, it’s still hard to be LGBTQ , there’s still little kids out there and adults with no support from family, public bullying, [who are] even homeless because of who they are.

So I think Pride is necessary to show not only the world but most of all our community that’s it’s okay to love and live, and we’ll always have a place in the world.

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