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Jul 07 2018
Sexy Latin American Pride Pics + How The NYT Helped Trump + Bear Week Bonanza + Shawn Mendes Phone-Sex Audio?! + Brazilian Gymnast's Nude + Jim Jordan Took Saunas With Teens + North Korea Wafles + Strike A POSE + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: Imagine Dragons singer Dan Reynolds got seriously jacked.


Below: Latin American Pride, criticizing the NYT, Bear Week,  Shawn Mendes and Arthur Nury leaks, Jeremy McClain on vogueing, shutting down the Dan Ryan, and more ...

Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 12.09.44 PMMeat the f*ckers! (Image by Hector Quintero of Jubileo)

ADVOCATE: Dozens of sizzling photos rom Latin American Pride.

HUFF POST: Bravo to Gary Segura, Luskin School's dean, who called out The New York Times and its reporters right to their faces for their both-sides journalism, for normalizing Trump, for positing that he may be good for the LGBTQ community.

BOSGUY: Everything you ever wanted to know about what to do during Bear Week ...

BearsBearly breathing (Image via BosGuy)

GAY FLESHBOT (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Shawn Mendes's alleged phone-sex audio has, er, leaked. Sure sounds like his voice, so i ARTHUR NURY NUDESf it's fake, it'll still work if you dig him and phone sex.

OMG BLOG (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Utterly adorable Brazilian gymnst Arthur Nory Oyakawa Mariano's nudes are here.

POLITICO: Jim Jordan, who is denying he knew anything was up when he was assistant wrestling coach at OSU, used to take saunas with his teen charges and encourage them to trash talk, making it highly unlikely he was unaware of this:

Larkins Hall, the building that housed athletic teams, became such a well-known target that people who frequented it at the time have reminisced in anonymous postings online how easy it was to ogle naked members of the wrestling team.

The situation was so egregious that former wrestling head coach Russ Hellickson would at times have to physically drag the gawkers out of the building, several sources familiar with his actions at the time said. Hellickson also pleaded with the university multiple times to move their athletes to a private facility, the sources said. Jordan served as Hellickson’s No. 2, and the coach has been described as Jordan’s mentor.

The accusations could exacerbate Jordan’s troubles. He was the wrestling team’s assistant coach from 1986 to 1994 and has adamantly denied knowledge of any sexual abuse.

“I never knew about any type of abuse,” Jordan said in an interview this week. “If I did, I would have done something about it.”

NBC NEWS: Surprise! North Korea is still working on nukes, is made the U.S. is pressuring them to stop. Pompeo's fresh meetings there amounted to a fool's errand.

OUT: Sexy Jeremy McClain aka Cubby of the House of Abundance on Pose, chats with Out about learning to vogue, his ideal house and queer representation in Hollywood. From the piece, his vogueing tip:

It’s truly just about being comfortable with yourself, not thinking too much about it, and having fun. In rehearsal, I would get into my head a little bit too much — especially with the old way of vogueing. It’s so much more geometric and about making shapes and Pose is set in 1987, so it was very much the old way. That way is a bit more difficult because the new way of vogueing is more flouncy and free. It’s really just about letting go and believing in yourself.

TOWLEROAD: Brutal attack leaves three Eagle London staffers injured. The three people (two men, one woman) were apprehended.

WAPO: Eight Republicans spent the Fourth of July in fucking Moscow — and nobody cared. Nobody thought the optics were shocking. The GOP is an arm of the Kremlin now, and its flag-waving supporters are too stupid to believe it. We don't need to understand Trump voters, we don't need to stop insulting them — we need to outnumber them at the ballot box as we do already IRL.

TWITTER: Chicago's Dan Ryan shut down by protesters enraged by out-of-control gun violence:

TWITTER: To be fair, how could the one and only Sean Ford look back in anger with that thing there?!