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Jul 12 2018
Larry Kramer: THE WORST IS YET TO COME Comments (0)

Larry KramerKramer turned 83 last month, celebrating with a reading of The Destiny of Me (Image by Mike Summers)

Larry Kramer has never been a cheerleader, and while he has not always been right, he's rarely been wrong (his dour attitude toward PrEP was a stain on his track record).

Kramer Turns 83! Coverage HERE

Now, the great gay activist has written a short but not sweet essay for The New York Times on the topic of gay rights, and it's about as uplifting as Faggots ...

... and once again, it doesn't feel wrong. He writes:

There is not one cabinet member who has supportive or welcoming words for us. Every week, it seems, Mr. Trump appoints another judge who is on record as hating us. They will serve for many years. A new Supreme Court will further echo this disdain.

No lies told. And as we begin to lose our grasp on equality, on sanity, in the U.S., too many gay people are blissfully unaware. My friend just bought coffee at Chick-Fil-A because that was the most convenient spot, even though the company spends millions annually on trying to keep gay people down. Kramer notes:

I have never been able to answer one question: Why have relatively few of us — out of so many millions — been willing to fight for their lives? I still can’t answer it and I continue to be very sad because of it. And the biggest fight for our lives is ahead of us.

I still can’t see enough of us, in all our numbers and our splendor and our magnificence. Our activist organizations are a diminished presence. We still have no respected and accepted leaders who can speak for us as a people. And what little power we do have, lobbying or otherwise, in Washington or anywhere else, is woefully inadequate. Our billionaires are funding concert halls and public parks and retirement homes for primates, but not gay rights. If it weren’t for such stalwart defenders as Lambda Legal Defense and the A.C.L.U., we’d probably be jailed by our enemies.

It's a sobering perspective, and never have doomsday scenarios felt so rational.

Read the entire piece in The New York Times.