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Jul 02 2018
Rainbow Flag Creator Gilbert Baker's Memoir Coming In 2019 Comments (0)

Gilbert-bakerBaker with his Pride and joy (Image via Chicago Review Press)

Gilbert Baker (1951-2017), acknowledged as the creator of the iconic LGBT Pride flag, passed away last year unexpectedly, but not before working on his memoir.

Rainbow Warrior will be published in June 2019 by Chicago Review Press.

From a press release:

Baker’s memoir traces his life from a repressed youth in Kansas to his emergence as a pioneering LGBTQ+ and AIDS activist in San Francisco during the 1970s. It will be released to coincide with Stonewall 50, the global celebration of the half-century anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, the New York City battle that ushered in the modern LGBTQ+ movement for equality. Baker died in March of 2017.

“Millions know about the Rainbow Flag, yet they do not know about the amazing man who created it,” said Charley Beal, head of projects for the Gilbert Baker Estate. “Happily, the publication of Rainbow Warrior will correct that oversight, and Gilbert Baker will gain his rightful role as a legend in LGBTQ+ history. We are eager to work with Chicago Review Press to bring this inspiring story to the world.”

The deal was brokered by Robert Guinsler of Sterling Lord Literistic.

Chicago Review Press is an independent publishing company founded in 1973. Over the years they have grown into a dynamic midsize publisher with more than 900 titles in print. They currently publish about 60 new titles yearly under six imprints: Chicago Review Press, Lawrence Hill Books, Ball Publishing, Zephyr Press, Academy Chicago, and Parenting Press.

The mission of The Gilbert Baker Estate is to protect and extend Gilbert Baker’s legacy as the Creator of the LGBTQ Rainbow Flag, as an activist and an artist. This mission has already begun on a collaborative and/or collective level between the estate, LGBTQ community and artists, organizations, educational institutions, non-profits, museums, archives and the press. All income received by the Estate will cover only administrative costs including but not limited to legal fees, website and necessary travel. All other income will be donated in the name of the Estate to LGBTQ non-profits.

Can't wait to read it!



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