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Jul 26 2018
Scotty Bowers Measures Up As A Sex Icon In Newly Unearthed Photos! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 3.43.35 PMScotty Bowers has been sexually fluid since childhood! (All images courtesy of Scotty Bowers/Brigade)

It's no secret that I was a fan of the salacious Scotty Bowers memoir (full review here), and am an even bigger fan of Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood, the Matt Tyrnauer documentary on the notorious hustler and pimp's storied life that comes out Friday, July 27.

One thing that fed skepticism in the tawdry stories from his book — but that also makes sense if you take him at his word regarding his countless couplings with A-list stars, randy studio employees, married businessmen and other assorted horndogs — was the absence of images showing Scotty with any stars, or at least in action.

S-l1600-1The original fake news! (Image via movie still)

As handsome as he appeared in old photos, especially during his WWII days, the now-95-year-old Bowers was sort of a blank slate. You knew what he was telling you he was capable of, and what he had done, you knew he was supposedly well-endowed enough to stir drinks with it, but you couldn't quite picture it. 

Imagining Scotty getting off with the likes of Spencer Tracy or gaily enjoying a threesome with Cary Grant and Randolph Scott got a little easier with the release of the doc, which — incredibly! — coughs up footage of Scotty at a Hollywood (no stars) orgy in the '50s or early '60s.

Scotty Addresses Why He Didn't Do Much Porn: 

Now, you'll have an even easier time seeing Scotty as an in-demand sex machine ...

... thanks to this exclusive suite of hardcore images of Scotty doing what came naturally to him with a young woman back in the day. It's straight sex, with one butt — namely, Scotty's, which a friend samples toward the, er, end.

The pics are here! (Work Unfriendly)

Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 4.02.54 PMThe body that launched a thousand hips ...

The black-and-white shots of Scotty (which include one of “a friend” swallowing his pride) are rather nice (Work Unfriendly), nudist-type shots that Scotty recalls having been taken in Palm Springs in the '50s.

One of the rare times Scotty posed formally for nudie pics resulted in a stunning boxing shot showing him and a naked pal, an image that fits right in with the aesthetic of beefcake photography. Scotty says of the shot, taking in Malibu in the late '50s/early '60s (and which was published in the past), that he didn't do any beefcake work because people like Bob Mizer of AMG would poach his best boys from the gas station that is at the center of Scotty's claims!

I love picturing these guys duking it out for the best boys — and image is perfect (Work Unfriendly) because of that mental image I have.

Finally, check out the color shots from the '70s (Work Unfriendly) of a Daddy Bowers still looking fit as a fiddle and ready to fiddle around.

Okay, so there's no selfie of Scotty 69ing the Duke and Duchess of Windsor or passing a poo sandwich to Charles Laughton, but things were so much more discreet in those days. Post-Kim Kardashian (she Scotty Bowersed herself), it's easy to forget that.