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Jul 05 2018
Top 9 (Inches?) Hunky July B'days By Mr. Man Comments (0)

Some of Mr. Man's favorite naked male celebs are celebrating birthdays this month. There is LOTS of skin on this list ... they think your July just got a little hotter ...

As Josh Hartnett gets older he’s moved into some more intense stuff. Now that he’s almost 40, he’s solidified himself as a sex symbol and one of Mr. Man's top crushes.

Tom Cruise has been a part of our lives for damn near 40 years (he debuted in 1981) and celebrates his 56th birthday this month. Did you know that he has gone full frontal in a movie?

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Milo Ventimiglia and his amazing ass celebrate 41 years next week. See more of his perfect butt here.

Handsome Stephen Dorff has shown off some serious skin and given us a nice view of all his naughty bits. We are eternally grateful for this 45-year-old.

Vin Diesel gets shirtless, showing off his rippling muscles and a physique that will make you drool … even as he turns 51 this month.

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Daniel Radcliffe had grown from a boy to a tall, dark, and handsome man of almost 30. Forget the Sorcerer’s Stone, we want to see the Sorcerer’s Bone!

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Celebrating 46 years this month, Jason Statham doesn’t take his clothes off very often, but he does make exceptions every now and then.


Terry Crews was in the NFL for six years before embarking upon a second career as an actor. He is still jacked as f#ck and celebrating the big 5-0 this month.

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The original Daddy, Harrison Ford, celebrates 76 years in July. Talk about a sexy (grand) Daddy! See him in the Nude Star Wars Celebs playlist, too.