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Jul 27 2018
Madonna's RAY OF LIGHT Demos + Anti-Gay Terrorist Sentenced + Trump KNEW! + Stormy Arrest A Set-Up + Guilfoyle's Sex-Abuse Cloud + Cher To Get Kennedy Honor + Hillary At DOLLY + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

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Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 9.43.35 AMI mean, it's a good angle. (Image via Instagram)

BELOW: Keep reading for Madonna's Babyface-era Ray of Light tunes, Trump and Cohen tear each other apart, Guilfoyle's Fox News scandal, Cher getting a Kennedy Center Honor, Hillary on Broadway, and more ...

YOUTUBE: Snippets of Madonna's Ray of Light demos — pre-William Orbit — have been leaked to YouTube. They include unreleased songs and radically different versions of songs that wound up on the album. These are the Babyface versions.

TAMPABAY.COM: James Wesley Howell, who headed to Pride in L.A. with a cache of weapons, was sentenced to seven years in prison. But he wasn't Muslim so literally nobody has heard about this case outside a few in the LGBTQ community. By the by, he did this hours after Pulse.

Getout(Image via Get Out)

KENNETH IN THE (212): All of the week's gay mag covers, including the above, Jacob Tackett for Get Out.

HUFF POST: Michael Cohen asserts that Trump knew in advance of the infamous Trump Tower meeting that it was to get dirt on Hillary Clin Keckleyton, placing Trump in even more severe legal jeopardy. Meanwhile, sources say that Trump and Cohen are now “dead to each other,” and that Team Trump plans to bury him.

BOING BOING: A series of leaked emails reveals that Det. Shana Keckley of the Columbus, Ohio, PD premeditated her botched arrest of Stormy Daniels on bogus charges — which were later dropped. This is a horrific abuse of power. This woman belongs off the force and in jail.

YAHOO: Kimberly Guilfoyle didn't leave Fox News, she left when she was implicated in sexual misconduct and abusive behavior toward co-workers. Sexual misconduct, abusive behavior, lying about it — no wonder Donald Trump Jr. decided to hastily put a ring on it — she's the ideal Republican bride! (P.S. The former First Lady of San Francisco — yeah, she was married to Gavin Newsom — is someone I would watch to create problems for Newsom in California ahead of the gubernatorial election.) 

NYT: Kennedy Center will honor Cher! (Also, some redheaded singer.)

TWITTER: Hillary Clinton took in Hello, Dolly! with Bette Midler and the crowd went wild!

LGBTQ NATION: Homocon Chadwick Moore, who voted for Hillary and then turned on a time into a right-winger who supports every move Trump makes, reported his expulsion from Grindr to the FBI, making him the gay Permit Patty. Seriously? The FBI? He literally made a federal case out of it.

US WEEKLY: Nick Jonas, 25, has popped the question to Priyanka Chopra, 35, about two months into 4bc347f7965f66d0e16c93a881a44a3btheir relationship — and she said yes.

PINK NEWS: A trans teen has won his bathroom battle — by suing his own school.

GR8ERDAYS: Someone who acted with Harold Lloyd 86 years ago was still alive — until this month.