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Jul 25 2018
Freddie Pearson: Heartthrob + Cohen Turns On Trump, Trump Explodes + Pizza Guy Spared Deportation + HEAD OVER HEELS Heads To Broadway + Luke Evans Shows Skin + Demi Lovato Recovering + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: If you like him, more by the same photographer after the jump.

Below: Keep reading for delicious Freddie Pearson, Trump's reaction to Michael Cohen releasing the first of 12 secret tapes, Demi Lovato's health status, a past Ricky Martin flame nekkid, the first Lolita, and much more ...

Freddie Pearson by PantelisReady, Freddie. (Image by Pantelis)

PORTIS WASP: Pantelis shoots the gobsmackingly good Freddie Pearson.

HUFF POST: Trump is ever-so-pissed that his former lawyer Michael Cohen has turned on him, and turned hard.

CRIME WATCH DAILY: Pablo Villavicencio, the hard-working pizza deliveryman who was in the midst of his green card process when military goons on the base he was delivering to decided to check into his immigration status, has been freed by judicial decree. Hardline policies don't make us safer.

PEPPERMINT Head Over HeelsPeppermint as the Oracle of Delphi in Head Over Heels (Image by Joan Marcus)

THE GUARDIAN: Head Over Heels, which opens on Broadway Thursday, isn't just a Go-Go's jukebox musical, it's a Shakespearean pastiche filled with crossdressing that features the first transgender person in a major role on the Great White Way: Peppermint.

GAY FLESHBOT (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Hot actor Luke Evans in swimwear.

TMZ: LGBTQ ally and pop singer Demi Lovato ODed on some type of opioid (not heroin, as reported), was administered Narcan, and is now recovering.

8_Fede-780x585He was once romantically linked to Ricky Martin. (Image via Instagram)

OMG BLOG (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Uruguayan superstud — I mean, actor — Federico Díaz gets naked. Again and again.

GR8ERDAYS: Trump is coming to Family Guy, and the series is also figuring out how to say so long to Adam West. Henry Cavill

EXTRATV: Could Henry Cavill be the next James Bond?

KENNETH IN THE (212): Shirtless tennis totty.

INSTAGRAM (FOLLOWS APPRECIATED!): Derek Chadwick's coming-out made a big splash — and I'd never so much as heard of him until yesterday!

FACEBOOK: Hollywood sex kitten of the '50s Mamie Van Doren, 87 and still posing topless when the mood strikes her, just posted this image of herself at 13, declaring herself the original Lolita. She also wrote that if she'd filed a complaint every time someone in Hollywood hit on her, there would be no Hollywood. I think she meant this not to diminish #MeToo so much as to remind people not to pretend everything was golden in the Golden Age.