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Jul 19 2018
Wrestler Dylan Geick & Boyfriend Jackson Krecioch Break up, Krecioch Arrested For Assault Comments (0)

Jackson-Krecioch-Assault(Image via screen shot)

Out wrestler and Instagram sensation Dylan Geick and his equally famous Insta-BF Jackson Krecioch broke up this past week — and now there is a disturbing footnote to that already sad story ...

Rummler has dug up a mug shot of Krecioch, plus information he was arrested for allegedly assaulting his own family members while visiting on a trip with Geick, with whom he was still involved.

Now, Krecioch has addressed his fans, and he's encouraged them not to research the story, which I find really unacceptable — you can't monetize your personal life and then control the curiosity.

But I will say that I have sympathy for him — poor guy is saying he hates himself — since we have no idea why what happened happened, so it's probably not worth dwelling on beyond this, minus new details.