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Aug 08 2018
BOY CULTURE: THE SERIES Shoot Update, Plus: Casting Surprise! Comments (0)

GiphyDarryl & Derek 10+ years ago! (SPOILER ALERT: They look the same.)

Big week for creative announcements from me, it seems ...

The shoot for Boy Culture: The Series commences this week!

Thank you all for your generous support and your patience while we compiled a dream team in front of and behind the camera.

We have some casting surprises in store, but one we couldn't wait to share is that Derek Magyar — the original X from Boy Culture — will reprise his role in the series!

More updates from the set will follow soon.

If you know of anyone interested in investing in our indie gay project, please be in touch! We are looking for serious investors for finishing funds.

Or if you or anyone you know wants to donate to our cause, here is a live link for that.