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Aug 23 2018
Healthy Relationships: Why The World Needs More Tolerance Comments (0)


People are living in the 21st century, enjoying high-speed progress and open views. It seems that our life should be more confident and joyful, but there is an active growth of aggressiveness, extremism, and conflicts. Why is it so? Is society tolerant or not?

Tolerance is always considered a human virtue. It means leniency with differences among people, the ability to live without interfering with others, the ability to have rights and freedoms without violating the rights and freedoms of others. Tolerance is also the basis of democracy and human rights because intolerance in society leads to violence and armed conflicts.

The problem of the tolerance formation is particularly acute.

Have you ever thought about what is happening to our world? Have you ever noticed that the world is divided in accordance with the economic, social and other grounds? This situation leads to the development of religious extremism and aggravation of interethnic relations caused by local wars as well as problems of refugees. The most terrible catastrophe that people can face is not about atomic, thermal and similar options of the physical destruction of mankind, it's about an anthropological one, the destruction of human society in man.

The intolerance of society is a component of the intolerance of its citizens. Fanaticism, stereotypes, insults or jokes on the racial theme are examples of expressions of intolerance that occur daily in the lives of many people. However, intolerance leads only to further intolerance. It forces its victims to seek forms of vengeance. To deal with intolerance, a person must be aware of the connection between their behavior and the vicious circle of mistrust and violence in society. Every person should ask themselves, “Am I tolerant? Do I label people? Do I reject those who are not like me? Do I blame them for their troubles?” If you want to change the world for the better, it’s necessary to start with yourself.

Tolerance is more important than ever in the modern world, it is not only one of the basic principles of the happy feature, but also a necessary condition for peace and socio-economic development of all peoples.

It’s necessary to change the mass pop culture to start a healthy relationship.

Over the years, society has plunged into a culture of violence from early childhood. People have created a culture in which violence is respected. To live in a healthier and happier society, it is necessary to deal with these worldviews like with health problems. The connection between smoking and the emergence of lung cancer was proven in the 50's of the last century, but cigarettes are still sold. However, it was decided to forbid advertising and open propaganda of bad habits, and nowadays, it is reported that millennials smoke much less often, and 83% of all the centennials are ardent opponents of smoking.

Principles that affect broad groups of the population are well mastered in Hollywood. A strong project is able to cover any topic: for example, the appearance of a plus-size model allows improving the vision of the body positive. With all this, it remains unclear why the filmmakers so rarely address important issues about violence. It is worth acknowledging that the series " The Handmaid's Tale" and "The Big Little Lies" received recognition not for a unique director's and actor's work, but for the fact that they really explored the rare theme of domestic violence.

Only a tolerant society that speaks out against violence can hope for the better future and happy life.

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