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Aug 15 2018
Huckabee Sanders Shrugs At N-Word Tape + LIZZIE Poster + All-Star THE LARAMIE PROJECT Nears + Broadway Legend Accused Of Groping + MORE — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Crazy transformation!

BELOW: Reclaiming femme, Huckabee Sanders shrugs at N-word allegations, amazing movie poster released, and more ...

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 10.38.34 AMYou go, boy — because being femme isn't a badge of dishonor. (Video still via Huff Post)

HUFF POST: Corey Camperchioli, told he was too femme to be a successful actor, took that and made it into a film project. Snap!

KENNETH IN THE (212): Sarah Huckabee Sanders cain't guarantee there ain't a tape of Trump using the N-word. But the Obamas guaranteed there wasn't one of Michelle Obama saying the word whitey.

LARAMIE LEGACY: All-star The Laramie Project reading just added Adam Rippon and Samira Wiley to the cast, which already includes Neil Patrick Harris, Mary Louise Parker and Billy Porter. One night only!

SrJRBowwThat shit is so whack! (40 of them.) (Image via Roadside Attractions)

ROADSIDE ATTRACTIONS: The official Lizzie poster is here! (No, it's not a new Hilary Duff flick.)

Sub-buzz-4352-1533791657-6Long, who stands accused (Image via BuzzFeed)

BUZZFEED: Legendary Broadway designer William Ivey Long III accused of malicious pattern of groping and harassing a young actor decades ago.

HEY QWEEN!: Milk summers at the Hey! Qween beach house: