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Aug 07 2018
Instagram Continues Gay Purge + Gaga To Vegas + Hot Dues + Tom Hardy, ESQUIRE + Trump's Star Condemned + Stephen Miller's Immigrant Ancestor Doxed + Another Corrupt Trump Crony + Jill Stein's Bot Army + Joey Bragg Strips + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: He, uh, wants to dominate.

BELOW: Keep reading for Instagram being Greek passive, Gaga's Vegas residency, Tom Hardy, the guy who wouldn't take no for an answer from a lesbian, and more ...

GreeksComeTrueToo hot to handle, yet Instagram is filled with booty accounts. (Image via Greeks Come True)

INSTINCT: Another gay-themed account ended by Instagram — this time, it's Greeks Come True. Instagram is notorious for deleting racy gay content more frequently than racy straight content, and they provide ZERO recourse, no reason, no customer service, NOTHING.

ImagePoker face (Image via Park Theater)

PEOPLE: Gaga is launching a Vegas residency just before NYE.

KENNETH IN THE (212): Tennis stud, sans shirt. Plus: This guy's a major temptation.

TWITTER @VGLMEN: Tom Hardy covers British Esquire. Dj_vKvYV4AEoGFb.jpg-large

THE WRAP: Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star, you're fired! (Forever.)

YAHOO NEWS: Stephen Miller, Trump's white supremacist advisor who is responsible for the policy that separates children from their immigrant parents at the border, had a great-grandfather who flunked his naturalization test due to “ignorance.” Now, he spends his time vilifying immigrants and whipping up racial hatred.

P.S. Miller wants to limit the number of new U.S. citizens ... and voters ...

FORBES: Sec. of Commerce Wilbur Ross probably stole over $120 million from people, because of course he did.

180806-man-asked-for-sex-threatened-blow-up-house-featureNicholas Kevin Chew (Image via Monroe County Sheriff's Office)

NYP: Florida man, angry a lesbian waitress rejected his advances, threatened to blow up her house.

THINK PROGRESS: Russian bots buoyed Jill Stein on social media — but not her recount. Hmmm:

Now, a new release of tweets from fake Russian Twitter accounts associated with Russia’s Internet Research Agency show how several of these accounts backed Stein’s candidacy — and tried to dampen support for Hillary Clinton in the process.

NEW NOW NEXT: Tony winner Denis O'Hare is leaving the U.S. to escape Trump.

MOTHER JONES: Trump's statements on the California wildfire are moronic and not based in whaddayacallit science.

OMG BLOG (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Joey Bragg strips naked.

Tumblr_pcwgccTG1q1wxapubo1_500Bragg-adocious (GIF via GIPHY)