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Sep 08 2018
Nyle On Traveling Deaf + Troye's Urinal Crush On Zac + Indian LGBTQ-Rights Hero + Gay Man On Death Row Denied Appeal + Cardi B vs. Nicki Minaj + Cher's Performs S.O.S. + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Name a more iconic booty reveal than Steven Dehler's at that Marco Marco show — I'll wait!

BELOW: Keep reading for Nyle DiMarco, Troye Sivan, an Indian gay-rights hero, Cher performing ABBA and much, much more ...

Nyle-feat-768x454.jpg.750x400_q85_box-0 22 768 432_crop_detailNyle — come fly with him. (Image via Instagram)

ATTITUDE: Nyle DiMarco says traveling the world deaf is easier than it is traveling with hearing.

KENNETH IN THE (212): If you like sexy men with mustaches ... 

GAY FLESHBOT (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Troye Sivan opened up about crushing on Zac Efron — and sharing urinal time with him — plus confirmed that “Bloom” is about bottoming:

BBC: Meet the Indian activist who went to prison — just for being gay.

LGBTQ NATION: Charles Rhines, a gay man on death row in South Dakota after an anti-gay jury condemned him, will not get an appeal. The jurors reportedly joked that Rhines would love to be in prison for life, implying it would be a sexual paradise for him.

BOSGUY: If you like muscular men in boxerbriefs ...

8522d9d7805ef58eb187a738defefd18Burt plays a thinly veiled version of himself in The Last Movie Star (2016) — flawed but interesting little movie, BTW. (Image via head shot)

GR8ERDAYS: 10 scorching-hot pics of the late Burt Reynolds.

EXTRATV: Cardi B and Nicki Minaj got into a physical altercation at the Harper's Bazaar ICONS blast. Violence over perceived disrespect? Trash.

YOUTUBE: Cher did a total lip-synch of “S.O.S.” on The Ellen DeGeneres Show — guess she's really sticking to that '70s vibe:

Cher also talked with Ellen (using her actual voice!) about how she is not much of a Cher fan herself. Cher is now a year away from being the same age ageless Marlene Dietrich was when she performed her final live show! Incredible. It may be her butt exercises. I may have to see my second Cher concert in 2019.

WAPO: A gay couple and a woman who love being pregnant struck a deal. Read their story. Shuga-Cain

GAY TIMES: There is a rumored cast list for Season 11 of RuPaul's Drag Race ... and I've never heard of any of them! Good — I love surprises.

TOWLEROAD: The late Farrah Fawcett's son with the unfortunately-not-late Ryan O'Neal, Redmond O'Neal, has been socked with a lawsuit for alleging beating a total stranger — and calling him a “faggot” while doing so. Surprising that Farrah would raise a kid like that, but not so surprising O'Neal would. BTW, Redmond is 33 years old, long past time to get over skulking around in a hoodie, swilling from a bottle, beating people up for looking at you funny. He has blamed his parents for his legal and drug issues.

Redmond-onealRedmond O'Neal (Image via mug shot)