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Sep 28 2018
Chering Is Caring: The Icon Speaks About Her LGBTQ Fans Comments (0)

CherINSET6-1024x994(Image by Machado Cicala)

Cher spoke with PrideSource to promote her highly anticipated new ABBA covers album, Dancing Queen.

On her gay following, she says she thinks it happened post-Sonny:

I don’t think I was when I was with Sonny. I think it happened on The Sonny & Cher Show (which ran from 1976-1977), somehow. I don’t know — I don’t know how that happens. I mean, how does it happen? I have no idea! It’s just like, we made a pact and we’re a group and that’s it.

As for when her fanbase went so decisively gay, she says:

Yeah, there was a change, there was definitely a change. And I think it was when I was not with Sonny anymore, and then somehow it all started to click. But I always had gay friends. I actually almost got arrested at a party with my best friend at school. He was gay but he couldn’t let anybody know, and he wanted me to go with him to a party and the party got raided. And we jumped out the bathroom window! It was high. We had to go over the bathtub into the window and jump out.

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