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Sep 13 2018
Cuomo Defeats The Homo* Comments (0)

Govperfection(GIF via GIPHY)

*This header is not anti-gay, and is not a slam against the intelligent and fabulous Cynthia Nixon. If anything it's a little dig at the (victorious) Andrew Cuomo, who coasted to victory in the NY Democratic primary this evening — it refers to an urban legendary incident from his past.

At any rate, now that Cuomo is the nominee, I hope Nixon works with him and I hope he lets her. She successfully pushed him left and nudged him on the MTA.

My feed was FLOODED with Cynthia voters, so it felt a little strange to see him whomping her so soundly. Oddly, Salazar — in spite of some pretty embarrassing details about her truthfulness — won, and it looks like Jumaane Williams will win or get super close to it. I preferred Hochul and am pulling for her to pull it out as upstate continues to come in.

Onward and upward for all Democrats.

P.S. The Nixon campaign, in defeat — you won't have her to kick around anymore! — put out a realllllly bad hot-take of a press release in defeat:

That shit's almost as bad as the last week of Cuomo's campaign!

P.P.S. Two days after urging her millions of followers to vote for Andrew Cuomo — and receiving his thanks — Amy Schumer flip-flopped to Cynthia Nixon at 3 p.m. on Election Day. Talk about a wimpy way to have a change of heart.