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Sep 02 2018
Borna Coric: Front Runner + Trump Jr. Shredded + Trump vs. Avenatti Rallies + Lily Allen's Sex-Worker Confesh + Aretha Died With No Will + Gaga's A STAR IS BORN Triumph + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: For him, a chill Sunday. For us, time to overheat.

BELOW: Tennis pros before hos, Don Jr. trashed, Trump facing Avenatti rally, restaurant staffer let go over anti-gay slur, Lily Allen's hooker admission, Lady Gaga's impending triumph, Madonna's high-end past digs...

Borna coricBorna this way? (Image via Instagram Stories)

KENNETH IN THE (212): Kenneth's gaydar goes off on Borna Coric.

PEOPLE: Mollie Tibbetts's father TRASHES Don Jr. for using her death to further his anti-immigrant agenda. (So an immigrant killed someone? How many non-immigrants kill people daily? How many mass shootings have happened under Trump?)

JOE.MY.GOD.: Michael Avenatti to hold large rally resisting Trump the same day Trump holds a Texas rally to talk up Ted Cruz — a man he has in the past excoriated as do-nothing and unworthy of being supported.

TOWLEROAD: Mexican restaurant employee was fired for taunting a patron's gay son.

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DLISTED: Lily Allen boinked female sex workers while on tour to combat loneliness. I hope they fucked her very much!

HUFF POST: Aretha Franklin died without a will, which basically fucks her four kids.

EXTRATV: Lady Gaga stuns at Venice Film Fest — both for her fashion and her A Star Is Born perf. Looks like she is Oscar-nomination-bound for acting, and already a lock to win an Oscar for Best Original Song (the latter of which I noted months ago).

YOUTUBE: Check out this promo for the September 8 CHULO benefit show:


WAPO: Inside Madonna's former Beverly Hills estate.

VARIETY: Conversion-therapy drama Boy Erased is reviewed.

GR8ERDAYS: People of color are damned if they do, damned if they don't on Fox News — former Cosby Show actor is shamed for having a job!

GR8ERDAYS: RIP Carole Shelley, one of The Odd Couple's (1968) Pigeon Sisters, and an original Wicked (2003) cast member.

8d2923ea-3a81-4575-bca9-f77e577fa79clargeRIP Carole Shelley, seen on the right. (Image via Paramount)