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Sep 30 2018
Lindsey Graham's Hissy Fit: A Dramatic Read(ing) Comments (0)
Sep 29 2018
Cardi B Gets Out The Vote Comments (0)

 Say what you will about Cardi B — and I have — but she has her head screwed on right when it comes to (1) when to vote, (2) the importance of voting, and (3) for whom to vote.

And Michelle Obama for the assist!

Day 1 Of RuPAUL'S DRAGCON NYC: The Dawning Of The Age Of Aquaria Comments (0)

IMG_7027*****_newAquaria graciously acquiesced when I requested this pose! (All images by Matthew Rettenmund)

I'm all set up with press access to RuPaul's DragCon NYC this weekend, and decided to rush over this evening after work to see if it was worth spending 90 minutes in the Javits Center. It was! 

Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 1.51.22 AMFame — the name of the game

The show will be packed to the high heels tomorrow and Sunday, but tonight, it was manageable, allowing me to get most of the star-attraction queens (except Katya) to agree to some photos.

IMG_6850*****_newAsia took time out to tweet ...

Keep reading for my report, and come back for more by Monday ...

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Sep 28 2018
Fleshback Comments (0)

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Chering Is Caring: The Icon Speaks About Her LGBTQ Fans Comments (0)

CherINSET6-1024x994(Image by Machado Cicala)

Cher spoke with PrideSource to promote her highly anticipated new ABBA covers album, Dancing Queen.

On her gay following, she says she thinks it happened post-Sonny:

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Coons Gets Flake To Condition His YES On Kavanaugh With A 1-Week FBI Investigation Comments (0)

Basically, Mark Judge is on a flight to Botswana right now.

Incredible that Flake — a stated YES for Brett Kavanaugh — put on the breaks with the confirmation but saying he won't vote YES if there isn't a one-week, limited FBI investigation. This was in part due to discussions between Flake and Coons.

Momentous. Hope it helps, but keep in mind that Heitkamp and Manchin on the D side have yet to say anything, and no other Rs have yet supported Flake, so if McConnell has the votes without Flake, he can say fuck it and ram it through.

Dos Hotties + Chic Gaga + Lindsey Graham's Grandstanding Continues + Broaddrick Smears Ford + Dems Walk Out + MURPHY BROWN Shrug + New Guess Hottie + MORE! —12-PACK Comments (0)

Julian-Zigerli-x-Walter-Pfeiffer-FW18-Campaign_fy3(Image via Julian Zigerli x Walter Pfeiffer)

ABOVE: Into grass?

BELOW: Keep reading for Lindsey Graham's disgusting remarks, Adelante's sexy twofer, a very Chic Gaga, the new Guess boy and much, much more ...

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Flake Flakes, Is Confronted By Sexual Assault Survivor Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 9.55.23 AM(Image via CNN)

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Arizona) has ann0unced he will support Brett Kavanaugh, following a whole lot of phony hemming and hawing that amounted to a hill of beans.

He was also confronted in an elevator by a sexual assault survivor who told him in no uncertain terms what his cave-in means to her and to countless others. Gripping stuff ...

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