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Sep 26 2018
Julie Swetnick Comes Forward As Avenatti's Client, Kavanaugh's Latest Accuser Comments (0)

DoByX01XcAIt9er.jpg-largeJulie Swetnick, Kavanaugh's latest accuser (Image via handout from Michael Avenatti)

Michael Avenatti said he wasn't bluffing, and — he wasn't bluffing.

His client, Julie Swetnick, alleges in a sworn affidavit that she witnessed Kavanaugh being sexually appropriate with many girls in the '80s, including being present when she was gang-raped, after being drugged, at one of the wild parties that had previously been alleged. She also asserts that his elusive cohort Mark Judge, who has been hiding out, would know a lot about Kavanaugh's behavior, and was also there.

Her statement:

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Also, former Yale classmates of Kavanaugh's who initially endorsed him now say they think the new claims against him should be probed in a “fair and credible” way. In other words, they should not be aired one day and voted on the next — which is McConnell's plan as of this writing, with testimony Thursday and a vote Friday. Following that vote, the Senate could vote on Kavanaugh's nomination as early as Saturday, and it's likely it would happen Monday or Tuesday.