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Sep 24 2018
Karamo Brown On Self-Care & Raising Feminists Comments (0)

Unnamed(Images via Gay Times)

Gay Times's October 2018 issues are here, with covers featuring Karamo Brown, Munroe Bergdorf, Patrick Starr and Lady Leshurr ...


Queer Eye's Brown opens up in the issue about his need for self-care and why he is so open about his suicide attempt:

We need to get to a place where we feel very confident about talking about this, because the lack of discussion, and the lack of openness is what’s killing us ... Me sharing my story is to save someone else, so that someone doesn’t feel like they’re lost, like they have to overdose, that they want to commit suicide, because I am a poster child ... I’m a mental health professional, who lost his way. Anybody can lose their way. Because mental health is something you have to constantly work on and get support on. So if I can lose my way and feel like life is dark and there’s no importance of living, then I also can find my way. And I wanted people to know that they can find their way as well if they’re going through it.

He's also a dad, and he says of his sons:

I’m raising my boys as feminists. I hope to do that, because I want them to understand that feminism is about equality, and when they understand the [need for] equality for women, it’s easier for them to understand equality with other marginalised groups. And it’s working! The respect and love they show women, it also bleeds into the respect and knowledge they have of other cultures and [communities]

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