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Sep 20 2018
L.A.'s Cuties, LGBTQIA+ Coffee Shop, May Close Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 9.40.46 AMShe wants to give them all her money, but won't have to if you give them a little of yours. (Image via video still)

L.A.'s queer coffee shop Cuties is in danger of closing its doors forever, so the owners have taken the unusual step — for a commercial business — of asking community members to donate to a Patreon account. Not convinced? Let them sell you on the idea that Cuties is more than coffee and deserves to survive an acute case of capitalism:

We’re LA’s ONLY LGBTQIA+ coffee shop and community space and we’re in danger of immediately closing. We’ve become a critical part of the Los Angeles queer community, providing vital services and programming that helps reduce isolation and promotes greater connectivity within our community. In our 1st year of retail business, coming out of slow summer and still paying off capital improvement costs, our cash reserves have been completely depleted. We are asking Los Angeles community members and LGBTIQIA+ beings around the globe to consider donating to our monthly Patreon in order to help keep Cuties open and support the many services we provide beyond a normal coffee shop. Do you enjoy this newsletter? Do you love our Highlighter video series? Do you dig our events? All of that will be gone if we do not reach our goals.


Donate here: Patreon.