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Sep 01 2018
Meghan McCain, Obama, George W. Bush & More Remember John McCain, Diss Trump Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 12.34.41 PMObama remembered his old political rival. (Image via video still)

In July, Meghan McCain was still proud of calling Hillary Clinton “Crooked Hillary,” while referring to Trump as “President Trump,” so don't ask me to shed a tear for her grief, or to cheer her on for her too-little-too-late shading of Trump during her father's over-the-top funeral: 

President Obama also seemed to address Trump in his eulogy:

At the gym for part of the telecast, I overheard the woman next to me tell her trainer George W. Bush was a doofus as he spoke. I wish it were his funeral instead, I muttered. She replied, I'd vote for him at this point, seemingly a dig at Trump. Her trainer raved of W, That guy was always happy! This is the level of discourse at this point — a horrendously bad president who dragged us into a historically devastating war and destroyed the U.S. economy nearly beyond repair is repatriated because he smiles a lot.

Oh, and he loves to pass out candies:

Then there are Ivanka Trump and accomplice/husband Jared Kushner. Ivanka didn't think the optics of texting during the ceremony would be insurmountable:

Look — John McCain was an ocean away from the likes of Trump, but was still an ocean away from the worst Democrat. He enabled and spearheaded many anti-progressive issues, and is no political hero of mine. I'm done with the effusive praise after today. Yes, he would be better than Trump, but so would almost anyone you can name, aside from Palin — the prototypical Trump McCain tapped to be his running mate in a historic display of cowardice.