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Sep 10 2018
Miss Michigan Zings GOP At Swimsuit-Less MISS AMERICA Pageant Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 11.26.49 AMMiss Michigan did not miss a chance to ding her state's GOP last night! (Image via video still)

My ex used to be pageant-obsessed, and I enjoyed them, too — but always with some embarrassment, as they seemed to represent so much conservatism.

That may be changing.

First, we had contestants spanking Trump in their answers in 2017:

Now, Miss Michigan used her introductory moments on TV to tell it like it is in my birth state: 

Damn, it used to be all about platitudes like world peace, now, it's giving us a piece of their minds. Beautiful.

For the record, this year's Miss America is Miss New York, Nia Franklin.