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Sep 24 2018
Rod Rosenstein Is Out (Or Is He?) — Now What? Comments (0)

Days after The New York Times reported that Rod Rosenstein allegedly talked about wearing a wire when talking to Trump and joked about using the 25th Amendment to have him removed from office, the White House claimed Rosenstein had verbally offered to resign.

That report was immediately refuted, with Rosenstein instead heading to the White House with the expectation of being fired.

The difference is important — if he resigns, Trump can appoint anyone he likes to take Rosenstein's job, which includes overseeing Mueller's Russia probe.

If he is fired, Trump can only appoint someone already Senate-approved.

The Times — which, again, ushered in this Constitutional crisis — is now reporting that Noel Francisco, the solicitor general, would assume oversight of Mueller's probe, and that the acting deputy attorney general would be Matthew G. Whitaker. Whitaker is the chief of staff to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, which is a totally and completely different job.

Every goddamned Republican in office at every level needs to be voted out in six weeks and kept out forever. This continues to be nothing short of a rolling coup attempt.

Also, it has more recently been reported Rosenstein has yet to be fired and has yet to resign. Close call? Or premature ejection?