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Sep 19 2018
Tyler Hoechlin's Body Language + TEENAGE Warlock + Bert & Ernie Recloseted + Robyn's Coming + Kavanaugh Drama + Grindr Getting Kindr + Cher's S.O.S. Vid + Pride Flag Exorcised + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: He's just keepin' it teal.

BELOW: Keep reading for Tyler Hoechlin and Billy Reilich flexing their acting muscles, a dark reboot of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Robyn album news, Grindr's attempt to spread kindness along with your legs, Cher's feminist take on an ABBA classique and more ...

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 10.43.26 AMTyler Hoechlin & Julianne Hough (Image via Freestyle)

FREESTYLE: I was really excited to hear there was a biopic on Joe Weider, and tbe Bigger trailer looks very slick Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 10.54.36 AM indeed, with Tyler Hoechlin as the long-lived bodybuilding impresario. However, it also seems to turn his story into some kind o example of morality or something, leading me to believe the seedier side of fitness won't be addresses. So, no warts-and-all here. But hey, I caught a glimpse of Billy Reilich as the late Reg Park so I'm rooting for it to be great: 

GAY TIMES: Yeah, so, it's already time to reboot Sabrina the Teenage Witch, which Netflix is doing via Ambrose-Spellman-in-SabrinaChilling Adventures of Sabrina, starring Kiernan Shipka and Ross Lynch. Also of interest is sexy — and pansexual — warlock Ambrose, played by Chance Perdomo, pictured at right.

LGBTQ NATION: Priest exorcises Pride flag for being demonic.

BBC: Sesame Street has totally dropped the ball on that interview this week in which it was asserted that Bert and Ernie are gay. It may be true that they were not conceived of as a male couple, but in its statement (at link) regarding the brouhaha, Sesame Workshop stated that they're puppets so do not have a sexual orientation. Oh, really? So Kermit and Piggy aren't straight?

ATTITUDE: Um, Robyn looks like a fuckable twink on the cover of her new, long-awaited album Honey:

RobynHoney shot (Image via Robyn)

HUFF POST: Sounding very much like a person with nothing to hide, Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey has asked the Senate to ensure that the FBI investigates her allegations prior to her testimony. This is totally reasonable, and there is a precedent for it. Senators Corker and Flake (the latter of whom had been a thorn in Trump's side on other issues) have now said they want Blasey to testify Monday — or a vote will happen anyway. That's how much Republicans care about investigating credible allegations when they aren't against Hillary Clinton, for example.

POLITICO: Meet the Indiana shopping-mall scion sisters who have spent $12M on the election so far in order to (1) help Dems, and (2) thwart their nemesis, VP Mike Pence.

TOWLEROAD: Trump gives another hateful interview about Jeff Sessions. Man allive, that li'l critter seems to be hanging in there out of pure spite at this point.

SALON: Massachusetts cops were monitoring liberal groups — why? needs you to assert who you're not attracted to. (Image via Grindr)

MASHABLE: Grindr has launched a new initiative, dubbed Kindr, to help combat racist and other discriminatory language and behavior on its platform. That'll be a big lift, considering most white gay men think anything and everything goes when it comes to sex because it's excusable as a preference.

DLISTED: Bryan Singer can't not get hired in Hollywood.

YOUTUBE: Cher's official “S.O.S.” music video is made up entirely of (mostly much younger) women semi-recreating the original ABBA vid. I like it and it is both surprisingly poignant and LGBTQ-inclusive, but while creative, I can't help thinking it's also sort of a way not to show a 72-year-old singer who really deserves to star in her own music video. Perhaps Cher wasn't inspired to do a video anyway, in which case, this is a perfect stand-in: