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Oct 30 2018
Adam Rippon Quizzes Jeremy Scott For GAY TIMES Comments (0)

UnnamedGreat Scott! (Images via Gay Times)

Adam Rippon did the honors as interview for fashion bigshot Jeremy Scott inside the November 2018 issue of Gay Times — the cover of which Scott nabs! (Garrett Clayton also has a cover.)

Unnamed-1The harness seen 'round the world!

The kinds of guys who would love to model for Jeremy used to bully him in school. He tells Adam:

I was just me and I didn't think anything of it and nobody really judged me. Coming into a city environment when we moved back to Kansas City in fifth grade, I never cursed. I was obsessed with these not-always-boy things like Cyndi Lauper and would get on the bus. I don't know how I convinced myself but I'd walk off the bus with a lace tablecloth with these black 50s pumps from my grandmother. I still had my short boy hair and a blonde mess. I literally thought that no one knows it's me. That's when people used the word faggot and I had no idea. I didn't even understand that concept and I wasn't thinking sexual or sexuality — I was expressing myself.
Then the kids starting getting mean and I wanted to quit school. People were really tormenting me and I had... I feel like I'm fine and healthy today, but I was tormented through elementary and high school. There wasn't a day go by that somebody either didn't call me a name, physically push or have an altercation, or threaten me. It was habitual. It was going to happen at one point in the day – the first couple of years were hideous. Picture day before school, I got chased down the hall by a skinhead who told me he was going to kill me. The footballer players don't like me, these people don't like me, these other fringe group of my friends don't like me. It was intense but those things I believe also give you strength and fortitude to be order to make the challenges later in life. Not that I would ever want anyone to endure it to be truthful, but I have to find the bright side to it in that respect.

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