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Oct 27 2018
Bomb Threat/Gas Leak Empties New Jersey Chiller Theatre Autograph Show Comments (0)

IMG_0066(Image by Mike Summers)

I've covered the way-too-fun Chiller Theatre autograph show in Parsippany, New Jersey, many times in the past. In fact, my first-ever autograph show was Chiller — here.

I kind of wanted to attend again this weekend, but it's a trip and I was only interested in a few stars, so I skipped.

Now, my pal Mike Summers, who went, reports that the entire hotel and surrounding grounds had to be evacuated this afternoon due to what everyone was first told was a bomb threat ...

I don't have details, but it is reported the evacuation occurred in response to a suspicious device, though rumors are swirling that a gas leak could be to blame. Mike tells me everyone was herded into the parking lot and urged to move at least 100' away from the Parsippany Hilton.


If this was purposeful, that person or persons should do hard time. Bomb threats are not a joke, and an autograph show is an extremely complex event to stage, with fans coming in from around the country, and celebrities, too. The celebs are often a pain to pin down due to their schedules, so the loss of almost half a day — the biggest day — of this event is a serious blow to the owners. I'm sure most of the people left, and it almost has to put a damper on tomorrow's attendance. 

Until the culprit is found — or the threat is revealed to have been phony — pray for Fake Jan!


Geri Reischl's initial FB post sounded dramatic (imploring everyone to pray), but she later posed happily with attendees outside. Aw.

Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 5.36.30 PM(Image via Facebook)

Among the stars forced out into the rainy cold: Robert Wagner & Jill St. John, the primary cast of The Love Boat (minus Lauren Tewes), Stefanie Powers, Loretta Swit, Paul Sorvino, Juliet Mills, Barbara Eden, Carmen Electra, T.K. Carter, Richard Thomas, Coco and Kim Fields —

WAIT. Do NOT mess with my Tootie!