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Oct 05 2018
Bradley Cooper: A Stud Is Born Comments (0)

With this weekend’s release of the much-anticipated A Star Is Born, Mr. Man thought it was time for some Bradley Cooper — in fact, a whole lotta Bradley Cooper ...

A great number of actors can be described as “hot.” Fewer can be described as “painfully hot.” And once in a while, an actor comes along who can only be described as “excruciatingly hot” — that is Bradley Cooper.

After a 1999 appearance on Sex and the City, Bradley shared a surprisingly steamy sex scene with Michael Ian Black in the '80s retro camp comedy Wet Hot American Summer. 

It’s The Hangover that really launched Bradley’s career. Bradley upped the hotness quotient with his performance as the cool and handsome best friend.

He won acclaim for his performance in 2012’s Silver Linings Playbook, but we are more interested in the most appropriately titled movie of Mr. Cooper’s career, the 2008 fright flick Midnight Meat Train. Two questions: How can we get on that train, and how many tunnels does it go through?

Luckily, we got a brief glimpse of this guys buns on Burnt, which exactly sums up how we feel when we look at that them: hot as hell.




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