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Oct 04 2018
Boy Stars: Then And Now Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 10.25.11 AMHe's so Shia (Images via Disney Channel & video still)

While growing up, one of our main sources of entertainment is the TV (and in recent times the Internet). Catching up on our favourite shows, we get to meet some kids of our age already mesmerizing the world with their acting, singing and sporting prowess. On many occasions, even the older folks are dazzled by the performances of these young people. However, with time, these young stars turn into grown-u pmen and women, some still in the limelight while others fade away.

Below, we look at some child stars of the past and how they have turned up today. If you believe that you have psychic powers that tell you how current young stars are going to fare when they are older, you can visit NetBet Slots and engage in novelty betting where you state who is going to make it and who is not going to make it big in the movie industry ...

Shia LaBeouf

We start with Shia on this list because he is the perfect Hollywood archetype. Shia’s breakthrough came in 2002 when he starred in the popular series Even Stevens. The show was a huge hit and one of the reasons behind its success was his dazzling performance. Realizing the massive potential that resided in Shia, various movie directors considered him in their productions thereafter. However, as has been the norm with several Hollywood child stars, fame and money got to Shia and he turned to become a different man from the innocent soul we all loved. Shia is still in the acting business, but his stock has dramatically fallen after having been arrested a number of times in recent years.

Tumblr_mf3piuPope1rrhwflo1_1280Kid in the Hall (Images via Universal/selfie)

Bug Hall

The name Bug Hall may not be familiar with a lot of people, but everyone remembers that Little Rascals movie. Well, the kid who made that such a great movie is none other than Bug Hall, who played the role of Alfalfa. Bug is now a grown man, but he is still very much in the movie business. Hall has managed to keep a low profile, but has maintained his stock with Hollywood directors. In recent times, Hall has featured in The Stupids and Hercules.

Dustindiamond_3188687kScreech out and touch somebody's hand ... (Images via NBC/mug shot)

Dustin Diamond

Dustin Diamond, during his young days when he featured in the popular NBC sitcom Saved by the Bell, was loved by almost everyone. In the sitcom, Dustin was known as Screech. Dustin’s brilliance in front of the screen made many people conclude that he was going to reach the top echelons of success in the movie industry. For some years after leaving Saved by the Bell, everything looked to be going on plan for Dustin. However, a combination of women and alcohol disrupted Dustin’s progress. Many directors began snubbing him, and in 2015, he may have ended his acting career for good when he was arrested for stabbing a man on Christmas Day in a Wisconsin Bar. Will he come back from that? It remains to be seen.



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