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Oct 17 2018
Down-Under Calendar Men + A Gay Love Story For The Ages + Trump Sued (Again) + Cruz vs. O'Rourke Debate + Pro-Trump Pimp Dies + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

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BELOW: Keep readng for hot Aussie firemen, a beautiful story of an interracial gay couple of the '60s and beyond, Mueller report news, Castro in 2020 and much, much more ...

The-Australian-Firefighters-2019-calendar-has-already-been-announced-and-this-charity-is-very-beautiful-to-see-5bbf058ca78a5__700-520x780Such an animal! (Image via Australian Firefighters Calendar)

OMG BLOG (WORK UNFRIENDLY): The Australian Firefighters Calendar project offers not one but several sexy-as-hell 2019 calendars showing off the red-hot boys Down Under who save lives — but whose bodies might stop yours if you're unprepared for the galleries.

The-Australian-Firefighters-2019-calendar-has-already-been-announced-and-this-charity-is-very-beautiful-to-see-5bbf035ceea8b__700-585x780Pig play (Image via Australian Firefighters Calendar)

WAPO: Don't miss this piece on the two Harolds — Herman and Mays — a gay, interracial couple who lived through the racial upheaval of the HNLYRJGNSII6RLIKBYA67OR4YE '60s and remained devoted to one another through thick and thin, for a lifetime.

POLITICO: Trump sued over his attacks on the free press.

CHICAGO TRIBUNE: The Mueller report is coming — after the midterms.

CBS NEWS: Alaska's lieutenant governor has resigned over inappropriate remarks he made to an unnamed person that put another unnamed person in a bad position. The (Independent) governor has accepted the resignation. It's all very murky.

TWITTER: The second and final Cruz vs. O'Rourke debate in Texas had Cruz behaving like a defensive, entitled jagoff (above, snapping at the moderator while discussing civility!) and O'Rourke being as much of a passionate, principled leader as ever. Here's a juicy moment that reveals a lot (by revealing nothing) about Cruz: 

PrPOLITICO: Julián Castro says he is leaning toward running in 2020.

JOE.MY.GOD.: Pro-Trump pimp Dennis Hof is dead at 72. Bye, bitch.

GR8ERDAYS: Justine Bateman, 52, of Family Times fame, is publishing a book — that argues fame is corrosive and unreal.

HUFF POST: Javier Bardem calls Woody Allen an unfairly targeted genius, would work with him again.

METRO WEEKLY: Trump appointed an openly gay judge for a federal appeals court gig. So Trump's not anti-gay, as long as the person in question is a Federalist Society constitutional literalist.

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