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Oct 19 2018
I'd Still Say YAS: New LGBTQ Web Series Is Anything But A Drag Comments (0)

0(Image via David Mandell)

I've seen and even helped promote a lot of LGBTQ Web series, some fresh, some rotten, but trust me when I tell you that — whether you love it or do not — Yas Kween is the former ...

Via press release:

Yas Kween tells the story of Kyle, a straight-acting gay man, whose life falls apart, but is able to find new friends and a new side of himself in drag -  a side which he will soon use to fight the morally corrupt. Did we say drag vigilante? Yas Kween!
The show breaks down barriers outside and within the LGBTQIA community. David Mandell, the creator, admits, “When you come out, you’re supposed to be welcomed with open arms into the community and instead we’re met with judgement, harassment and disbelief. You hear that, 'bisexuality doesn’t exist', 'masc for masc', 'drag queens scare me', etc.” All of these issues are battled by the characters in Yas Kween, who in trying to discover themselves also break down the walls of toxic masculinity. As Maria brings Kyle into drag, the audience is also introduced to this space. Yas Kween is an invitation for the world to understand the power of being free in being who you are. 
The show stars David Mandell, Joy Sunday, Jason Depuy, Casey Thibodaux, Danny Abrahams and Chase O'Donnell. Yas Kween was written by David Mandell; directed by David Mandell and Lorena Lourenco and produced by David Mandell, Lorena Lourenco, Peter Vogel and Lauren Schoneman. 

Watch Episode 1: