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Oct 05 2018
JADED: Is He Good At Being Gay? Comments (0)

Jadedx1(Image via Jaded by Him)

New gay Web series Jaded is streaming on Vimeo. Keep reading for the first ep ...

Via press release:

jaded takes a look into the contemporary gay dating world particular to San Francisco, through the eyes of a man lost inside the hookup culture, while on a relentless pursuit for a way out. He asks all the questions, he tries all the things, he falls in love in all the wrong places. Exploring a variety of complicated relationships, through a multi-diverse array of friends and lovers, we watch him play both the victim and the culprit, traversing a world full of contradictions, over-the-top self expression, casual drug use, and the age-old idea of “free love” with all the consequences that follow. In a place seemingly without any rules, how do you know which game to play when you don’t really want to play one to begin with?

Check it out: