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Oct 07 2018
Shawn Mendes Harassed? + Movie Beefcake + Collins Thinks Blasey Ford Lied + Is Bradley Cooper Hot Enough For Ya? + Gay BFs Perform On THE VOICE + WALKING DEAD Death + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Melania better watch her ass, because a dead wife would go a long way toward giving Trump sympathy, and he is a sucker for stunts. Meanwhile, Susan Collins is undecided as to whether that pachyderm almost trampled that colonialist mannequin.

BELOW: Keep reading for a non-sexually harassed Shawn Mendes, a gladiator movie to make Joey tingle, Susan Collins calls Dr. Blasey Ford a liar, a referendum on whether Bradley Cooper is fuckable, gay lovebirds are songbirds and much, much more ...

GiphyShawn doesn't mind lewd remarks! (GIF via GIPHY)

NEWNOWNEXT: Beauty vlogger James Charles apologized to Shawn Mendes for sexually charged comments he made, fearing the singer felt sexually harassed. But all's well that ends well ...

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 9.48.59 AM.pngSandal-monger (Image via video still)

POSEIDON'S ADVENTURE: The movie's called The Goddess of Love, but it featured a god, too.

CNN: Susan Collins undertook a Sunday-morning trolling, rubbing salt in the wounds she created by pretending, for so long, to be undecided on Brett Kavanaugh's ascenscion to the SCOTUS. She said, among other crap, that she doesn't believe Kavanaugh was Blasey Ford's assailant, that she initially thought Kavanaugh should withdraw (but was wowed by his forceful pushback — the fix was in there, with Trump commanding Kavanaugh to do that to provide such cover) and repeats the idea that the people Blasey Ford named don't support her claims, when in fact not remembering the party in question is not a refutation that it ever happened. Pork on the hoof, folks:

OMG BLOG: Bradley Cooper claims he lost out on a role early in his career because hew was not fuckable. Rs_788x1024-181001132012-634-_W-_Bradley-_Cooper-_CoverThat's hard to believe — I'm sure he's at least vers.

VARIETY: Weekend B.O.: Venom #1, A Star Is Born with fuckable Bradley Cooper #2 (with $41M). Plus: Sexy naked antiheroes to celebrate Venom.

KENNETH IN THE (212): Wrestler ass.

TOWLEROAD: Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita take Architectural Digest on a tour of their gorgeous home, pretending not to have known that they were coming:

PINK NEWS:  Kelly Clarkson gets all teary-eyed over a gay couple trying out for The Voice.

EXTRATV: The Walking Dead actor Scott Wilson, whose career stretches back to In the Heat of the Night and In Cold Blood, has died of leukemia at 76.

FACEBOOK: Some Joe Manganiello tail:

HER: British Big Brother housemate comes out as gay in emotional chat with fellow contestant.

ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH: Miss Gay New York Andora Te'Tee was crowned Miss Gay American 2019 Saturday in St. Louis.