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Oct 08 2018
NY Comic Con: A Visual Journey Comments (0)

IMG_9402_newWould love to do a shoot with him. Who is he?! (All images by Matthew Rettenmund)

I have been hitting up NY Comic Con for several years now, chiefly to take photos. In the past, I've braved the lines for some pic-withs (was happy I got Carrie Fisher and William Shatner, among others).


This year, I literally spent Saturday there looking for interesting costumes — and hot boys — to photograph.

IMG_9232_newOkay, maybe choosing one hottest guy is a farce.

While there, I did have two celeb encounters.

IMG_9209_newJoe Manganiello, with his body of Death Saves

First, I ran into Joe Magnaniello as he arrived to plug his Death Saves (?!) line. He was pretty sullen and looked like he rolled out of bed and into an Uber to get there, but was still, of course, hot.

IMG_8885_newJoe kindly gave me a posed pic

IMG_8870_newIn case you've always wondered how he'd look tearing into a box ...

IMG_8858_newTrue butt

IMG_9193_newThe bicep was flexed at rest.

IMG_9207_newGood hair day

Next, I was on the main floor when a commotion ensued and I spotted Zachary Levi at the center of it. He'll be playing Shazam. I think he's adorable (and tall), and he very sweetly let a fan put some strange red bird on his shoulder, not fearing it might have polonium in it or anything.

IMG_9134_newI guess a little birdy told me Zachary would materialize in the main hall ...

Levi was also nice to me, pausing to give me some smiles and asking who I was shooting for.


IMG_9339_newThe most beautiful Spider-Man, and his sidekick seemed cute, too (behind the ever-present mask)!

The rest of the show, I just wandered.

IMG_9056_newI found this work of art in Artists' Alley.

Enjoy my photos ...

IMG_9489_newThis was like Prince as Superman. His body was my plutonium.

IMG_9093_newThe exquisite Charlie Castle aka Super Saiyan

IMG_9336_newMy heroes!



IMG_8930_newFun couples

IMG_9013_newShow me your staff.

IMG_8755_newYasss, queen!


IMG_8783_newSome authentic Star Wars gayness

IMG_9078_newI would, in a Flash!

IMG_8818_newThis weenie costume was on the money.

IMG_8946_newHe decided to buy his costume because it was half off.

IMG_9395_newYou better pink!

IMG_8835_newThe kid was mortified, but cowabunga, this was a great concept.


IMG_8823_newThis time it's fur real.

IMG_8980_newWall of muscle

IMG_8906_newHeathers returns

IMG_8966_newClark victory

IMG_8827_newRaising the hoof

IMG_9016_newShe had violet tendencies

IMG_9264_newRiverdale ... hi!

IMG_9270_newGuy Gadot

IMG_9326_newKeeping up with the Joneses

IMG_9333_newThis Joker was wild.

IMG_8709_newThere were so many hot Spider-Men, but this one really needed a weapons check.

IMG_9062_newSo many guys insisted on putting their masks on for photos, but I wanted their faces!

IMG_9053_newWakanda was everywhere you looked this year.

IMG_8820_newI never was very good at reading.


IMG_9436_newMore of the dude at the top of the post ...



IMG_9285_newGroup fun

IMG_8951_newThat was fast!

IMG_8950_newEary pose

IMG_9407_newWalking works of art

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