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Oct 10 2018
Jocks Gone Wrong + Bloomberg A Dem (Again) + NYC Gets Gender X + BD Wong Hitched + Melania Wants HARD EVIDENCE Of Sex Assault + Taylor Swift's Vote Efforts + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

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BELOW: Jocks who became drug kingpins, BD Wong says he does, fucking Bloomberg is at it again, de Blasio signs off on gender X, Taylor Swift continues her get-out-the-vote efforts and much more ...

1Baby-faced thugs (Image via True Crime Daily)

TRUE CRIME DAILY: High school wrestlers become the Dukes of Oxy, turn into drug kingpins almost overnight.

NBC NEWS: Fucking Michael Bloomberg is a Democrat again. He's been registered as everything but a sex offender. Clearly wants to run in 2020. Please, give us your money and then run in the opposite direction. We don't need another billionaire who thinks he knows better, let alone a pretend Dem.

HUFF POST: NYC's Mayor Bill de Blasio has signed into law the option of X for new babies' gender.

Q AWARDS: This year, the Q Awards are honoring the great Kate Bornstein.

07SCHNORR-jumboM. Butterfly release (Image via Jim Cox)

NYT: BD Wong & Richert Schnorr got hitched!

ABC NEWS: First Lady Melania Trump is sympathetic to the #MeToo movement, but thinks sexual assault victims must provide hard evidence of their claims. Like maybe proof their accuser has paid them $130,000 to shut the fuck up? Meanwhile, she can barely string two words or thoughts together — support women, but the media goes too far?

TOWLEROAD: UK Supreme Court rules in favor of Evangelical bakery that refused to make a cake with a pro-gay marriage slogan on it.

WUSSY vol. 5 cover Sasha VelourGoing to bat for the cover (Image by Savana Ogburn for Wussy)

WUSSY: Sasha Velour covers Wussy for Halloween.

POLITICO: Kavanaugh has mobilized ... well, Democrats, it turns out.

WORLD OF WONDER: Gay-porn star Kyle Dean dies at 21.

AP: Incredibly, immigrants who have been detained and separated from their children may lose them to U.S. adoptions.

THR: Taylor Swift and Billy Eichner urge young people to vote at the AMAs: