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Oct 24 2018
Redefining LGBT + Clinton/Obama Bomb Scare + Megyn Kelly's Un-P.C. Apology + Ryan Murphy's Son Cancer-Free + 6% Of Gay Indian Men Are Out + Rami Waffles On Gay Mercury + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Fleshback!

BELOW: Keep reading for a new threat to Nashville's gay bars, a Bill & Hill bomb scare, Ryan Murphy's act of kindness in honor of his now-healthy son, the Mega Millions winner, some prime beef from the past and much, much more ... much? (Image via NBC News)

NBC NEWS: Someone is sending gay bars in Nashville flyers changing LGBT to liberty, guns, beer and Trump.

NYT: Explosive devices found near the Clintons' home in upstate New York and to Obama's D.C. office.

HUFF POST: Right-wing harpy Megyn Kelly, who has said in the past that Santa (!) and Jesus were white, casually defended blackface on her show yesterday, prompting an outcry and a swift — but disingenuous — apology. In her apology, Kelly said she's never been a P.C.-type gal. Meanwhile, Don Lemon had some thoughts on the issue. 

NBC: Al Roker ZINGS his co-worker Megyn Kelly on her blackface comments.

INSTAGRAM: Ryan Murphy donates $10M to Children's Hospital in L.A. while announcing his 4-year-old son beat cancer he was diagnosed with at age 2.

ROMEO: Dating app Romeo has surveyed its Indian users to find out how the repeal of Section 377 there Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 1.28.20 PMwill affect their lives. Among the findings: Only 6% of the gay men in India are truly out of the closet.

KESHA: Yes, you can take a cruise with Kesha — a weird 'n' wonderful one!

NME: Rami Malek hedges when asked if Freddie Mercury was a gay icon. Hint: He was.


LGBTQ NATION: A lunatic Christian in Iowa has burned four of the facility's gay books. memorializing his un-American behavior in a Facebook video.

HUFF POST: Some South Carolina A-hole won the Mega Millions prize. I mean, congrats!

GR8ERDAYS: Are these the 50 best movies ever? Because should Carol really be on that list?

INSTAGRAM: Hot guys, past and present — follow here: