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Nov 16 2018
Camp Fire Devastation + KJ Apa's Gay Kiss + Naked German Actor + Florida Refuses to Count Broward County Votes + Assange Prosecuted? + Booty For Days + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Why not Flaunt it if you've got it? Plus, K.J. Apa's gay kiss here.

BELOW: Keep reading for an update on the devastating Camp Fire, a hot naked German guy, Michelle Obama terrorized by Ellen DeGeneres, an Elton John tearjerker and more ...

Tumblr_phswhow0JQ1tlthc8o7_1280-780x439Nicholas Bachmann's got a lot going for him. (Image via SRF Zwei)

OMG BLOG (WORK UNFRIENDLY): You know what they say about naked guys with big noses.

L.A. TIMES: The death toll from the hellish Camp Fire in California has risen to 63 — with 631 missing. Unreal.

SUN-SENTINEL: Broward County uploaded its recount results to the state of Florida two minutes late — so the state declined to count them, disenfranching, among many others, the students of Parkland who survived a mass shooting.

The gubernatorial and U.S. Senate races are still so close they've gone to a hand recount.

JOE.MY.GOD.: Major news: House seat in Orange County flips to Dem!

WSJ: DOJ to prosecute Julian Assange.

WORLD OF WONDER: Victoria's Secret honcho picks a fight with trans women. Why?!

HUFF POST: Report suggests Facebook paid to smear Soros, knew of its fake-news problem and ignored it.

BOOTY LAND (WORK UNFRIENDLY): I mean, this is ... what? Heaven?

YOUTUBE: Ellen and Michelle Obama do Costco:

YOUTUBE: Elton John's life in pianos is at the center of a heart-tugging new commercial:

GR8ERDAYS: RIP Roy Clark, who was 85. The Hee Haw host was, like Charo, a not-so-secret guitar virtuoso.

BN.COM: My book MLVC60 is in and out of stock at Amazon, but you can get it at It's $75, so if you see it for more anywhere, it may be a secondary reseller.

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 9.25.18 PMSome big-time Madonna fans have told me they're happy customers! (Images via selfies)