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Nov 07 2018
Ezra Miller, Noah Centineo, Awkwafina & Letitia Wright Are Members Of THR's Next Generation, Plus: Miller's #MeToo Moment Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 11.41.27 AM(Images via THR)

THR's 2018 Next Generation Issue has four cover stars — Awkwafina, Noah Centineo, Ezra Miller and Letitia Wright.

02_0380-embed_2018Noah's arc (Image by Austin Hargrave for THR)

Of the four, Awkwafina and Centineo sound cool, Wright sounds like a crazy Christian and Miller sounds very angry — I really recoil from people who are so, so, so down on labels, though his #MeToo story is pretty troubling and may semi-explain that ...

From Miller's interview:

"Powerful men, they don't know how bad they want to submit to a woman, a feminine power, but they should. I advise they do it immediately because they're fuckin' up the world."

This bleeds into Miller's own #MeToo moment, which he has never shared, with an unnamed director and producer. “They gave me wine and I was underaged,”) he recalls. “They were like, 'Hey, want to be in our movie about gay revolution?' And I was like, 'No, you guys are monsters.'”) He's on a roll now. “It's a great fuckin' age of being like, 'You know what? That shit's unacceptable,' And it's amazing for a lot of us to watch. 'Cause, like, we all knew it was unacceptable when we fucking survived it. That's what Hollywood is. I thought we all knew we were sex workers.”

Seems like he may be referring to the crappy 2015 flick Stonewall? He's not wrong in much of what he says, but is very counterculture or me in the rest of the piece.

More my speed is Awkwafina, though her video has some really gross jokes in it at the expense of the late Janet Reno and people with HIV, which bears mentioning:

After studying journalism at SUNY Albany, she landed a job as a PR assistant. “I felt like I had to fit into a mold,” she says, adding that she took on odd jobs to make ends meet. “I worked at a law library, a bodega, just random jobs." But she never dropped the side hustle, and in 2013 she made a low-budget video for her rap “My Vag” (“My vag a chrome Range Rover / Your vag hatchback, '81 Toyota”).

When the video surfaced at work, she was fired on the spot. “That was the worst day of my life because it signified my last effort at a life that I knew completely wasn't me,” says Lum. “You can't put out a video like 'My Vag' and then also have a 401(k) — like, it doesn't work.”

More of Awkwafina here.
Centineo is the hottie of the moment, and his meteoric rise to prominence is emblematic of the Instagram era:
The following is overnight,” says Noah Centineo of his Instagram leap — from 800,000 to 13.4 million followers — within weeks of the Aug. 17 debut of Netflix's To All the Boys I've Loved Before. “The career is not,v adds the 22-year-old, who left Florida as a high school sophomore (“If you move me to California,”) he told his parents, “I will be successful, I promise you”) and toiled in the Disney Channel trenches before his rom-com breakout.
More Centineo here.
Wright, I just can't get into. I'm glad she isn't depressed anymore, but her interview is faith-healer religious, so click here if that appeals.