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Nov 25 2018
Basketballer Outed + Director Dies + Taiwan Says I DON'T To Gay Marriage (For Now) + Teen Arrested For Gay-Bar Threats + Gus Kenworthy's Thirst + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Freudsgiving.

BELOW: Keep reading for a brutally detailed outing, the death of Nicolas Roeg, Taiwan gets it wrong on gay marriage, underwear sale and more ...

AdventurousRepentantGosling-size_restrictedTall tail (GIF via GIPHY)

HIP HOP WIRED: Basketball star Dwight Howard has been outed by his alleged ex-boyfriend, who says he fears for his life after tweeting stuff like this:

As some have pointed out, the real issue isn't whether he is gay or into trans women or into gay men who look like trans women, but the alleged stalking behavior of Howard's homophobic pastor. Yikes! Dont-look-now-1973-004-on-set-nicolas-roeg-donald-sutherland-julie-christie-00n-764

GR8ERDAYS: Goodbye to iconic director Nicolas Roeg, the man behind Don't Look Now and The Man Who Fell to Earth.

THE GUARDIAN: Well, that sucks — Taiwan voters have expressed their opposition to same-sex marriage in a referendum set up by right-wingers in order to pressure lawmakers ahead of a 2020 deadline to legalize marriage equality. The will of the voters is in contrast to a ruling from the country's highest court. The vote is a blow to LGBTQ rights, but not binding:

Courts will still consider local marriage-licensing offices in violation of the law if they refuse same-sex couples until May 2019, a Ministry of Justice spokesperson said last week.

“The referendum is a general survey, it doesn’t have very strong legal implications,” said Shiau Hong-chi, a professor of gender studies and communications management at Shih-Hsin University in Taiwan. “One way or another it has to go back to the court.”

Voters approved a separate measure on Saturday calling for a “different process” to protect same-sex unions. It is viewed as an alternative to using the civil code. A third initiative, also approved, asked that schools avoid teaching LGBT “education.”

Amnesty International told the government it needed to “deliver equality and dignity.” Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 10.25.24 AM

ONLYFANS: More like him here!

BOSTON HERALD: A 16-year-old boy from Hampton, New Hampshire, was arrested after several Boston gay bars received phone calls containing threats to “shoot the places up.” Gee, wonder how the parents feel about gay rights?

ACQBJUHNAII6RC2HXUEXL7LBTEThe Americans (Image via Lewis W. Hine/The Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Division of Art, Prints and Photographs: Photography Collection, New York Public Library)

WAPO: Lewis W. Hine tried to humanize immigrants 100 years ago — and his work still resonated with decent human beings.

KENNETH IN THE (212): Stache in a Speedo.

Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 10.19.05 AMThe act is being looked at as a possible hate crime. Ya think? (Image via ABC13)

ABC13: Gay pride mural and popular Instagram selfie destination in The Heights in Texas vandalized.

DLISTED: If you don't believe in vaccinations, you're a fucking idiot who doesn't really deserve to be in society because your kids are going to re-energize long-dormant or long-controlled diseases. And yet a lot of high-functioning people think they know better than, um, science. Case in point, Terry Rossio, who wrote Shrek and who is writing a live-action Jonny Quest, railed against the perfectly suitable term “anti-vax,” comparing it to the N-word. Mind-boggling.

Da7ad7_501c9588916f49f98ec42a36eda6bbf3~mv2I'm buying what he's selling! (Image via CHULO Underwear)

CHULO UNDERWEAR: There's a huge sale at CHULO Underwear, which gives back to the LGBTQ community by providing scholarships for marginalized youth, so don't hesitate to drop some cash.

JOE.MY.GOD.: Not surprisingly, Trump has raved about Cindy Hyde-Smith, an empty suit who was appointed senator from Mississippi and who now is cruising toward being duly elected in spite of her demonstrable segregationist and racist beliefs.

GAY FLESHBOT (WORK UNFRIENDLY): Gus Kenworthy is thirsty for Zac Efron's nudes, and yet also celebrating being with Matt Wilkas — the greedy bastard: