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Nov 19 2018
METROSOURCE Loves Don Lemon Comments (0)

Metrsource Dec-Jan 18 Don Lemon People We Love cover(Image via Metrosource)

The Dec/Jan issue of Metrosource highlights 20 LGBTQ icons as a part of the mag's People We Love Issue.

The cover man is Don Lemon, who says inside:

I have been in this business for 27 years, and I’ve only had credible threats against me for the first in the past couple of years,” laments Lemon in the article. “I have security now – for the first time.  You know the only difference now versus the other 25 years or so … is Donald Trump.

He also notes:

I’ve been poor. I have had to deal with abuse … I’ve had to deal with loss. I’ve had to deal with discrimination and racism. I’ve had to deal with homophobia. But I think that makes me a pretty good person to deliver the news to the American people, because most of the people in my audience have had to deal with those things.

On the topic of intersectionality and discrimination, he pulls no punches: 

If you’re critical of others, you should expect the same. But I do have to say as much discrimination as there is towards gay people — and it’s awful — I have received far more for being a person of color that for being a gay man.

Others honored include Randy Rainbow, Michael Musto, Samira Wiley, John Waters and more.

Check it out here!