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Nov 05 2018
NGL: Fake Black Republican Who Scammed Real White Republicans Has A Point Comments (0)

DrMIgleV4AAwXBr.jpg-large(Image via Twitter)

Just kidding, kinda, but the young woman calling herself Reformed Republican who posted about being a pilloried black Republican and, in the process, raised $150K from supportive right-wingers, is pretty briliant for exposing how stupid our lottery-esque social media system is.

Via Raw Story: See, she's really black, but not a Republican at all. So she was perpetrating fraud, and it took no effort at all for her to make 150 Gs from it, all thanks to sites like GoFundMe and our hyped-up system of rewarding people who catch our eye instead of systemically taking care of everyone.

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 10.53.29 AM(Image via Twitter)

Once caught, her past hot take that stealing from Republicans wasn't really stealing because Republicans aren't people certainly took on a new relevance.

Again, there is something amusing about this grifter. She's so ballsy she's even still set up to receive cash!