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Nov 24 2018
Kit Harington Gets His Kit Off + Nazi-Salute Boys Get Off Scot-Free + Taiwan Marriage Nail-Biter + Hugh Jackman On Why You Think He's Gay + Hot Caboose + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Happy birthday to Franco Nero — what an all-time hunk.

BELOW: Keep reaing for Kit Harington's naked cheating scandal, Hugh Jackman on why everyone assumes he is gay, Black Friday brouhaha and more ...

Kit-harington-shirtless-hot-gifsGot his Kit off (GIF via GIPHY)

DLISTED: Kit Harington has been accused of cheating — and his alleged partner has share nudes of him sleeping as proof. He denies it.

JOURNAL-SENTINEL: Remember the boys giving a Nazi salute in that school photo? Their district, Baraboo, has decided that the First Amendment protects their right to throw Nazi salutes at a school function. Unbelievable.

KENNETH IN THE (212):Free mustache rides!

YOUTUBE: Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski teaches Seth Meyers how to make a Thai turkey bowl:


THE GUARDIAN: The future of gay marriage in Taiwan — once a certainty — is now anything but, with voters going to the polls as a huge anti-equality push threatens to pull a Prop 8.

USA TODAY: I guess I really don't want anything this badly:

RAW STORY: Crazy whtie bitch blurts out that she doesn't want a non-white person sitting next to her, wishes the whole country were white.

CBS NEWS: Gary Hart is now 81, there's a big movie about him in theaters and he's come to terms with the reality that he got screwed:

If Donald Trump can have a fan base of 30-40% despite everything he's done in life, all bets are off. Anybody can be president, regardless.

He's got that right.

ATTITUDE: Meanwhile, Jackman is lamely suggesting the reason we all think he's gay is because he kissed a dude a li'l too long in The Boy from Oz.

JOE.MY.GOD.: John Allen Chau, the 27-year-old religious nut who illegally Bow-and-arrowwent to an island to try to convert members of a remote, mostly uncontacted tribe, was recently touring with anti-gay zealot Mat Staver, which is just one more reason to laugh at his self-important suicide mission.The missionary's family has said they forgive the tribe for killing their precious son, to which the tribe's response is another volley of arrows.

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