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Nov 11 2018
Chris Peen + Gay Latino Suing Tucker Carlson + Rock Hudson Biopic Coming + Rick Scott Suing Mad + Trump DOES Know Whitaker + SNL's Sorry + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Daddy issues.

BELOW: Trump can't stand the rain, Rick Scott wants to seize voting machines, Chris Pine's peen and more ...

Chris_pine_8bb83c_infoboxPining for Chris (Image via Mr. Man)

GAY FLESHBOT (WORK UNFRIENDLY): The full, uncut (well ... ) nude peen scene starring Chris Pine from Outlaw King is here!

TOWLEROAD: A gay Latino immigrant claims Tucker Carlson assaulted him at a country club — and he's going to file assault charges. Full statement from Juan Manuel Granados:

1 – I NEVER called any member of his family any names. I never attacked his daughter as Tucker claims. I never called his daughter or son a “cunt” or “whore” or anything approximating that. I certainly never apologized for using those words or admitted to saying them because I never said them. Many witnesses support this fact. Tucker has created this story out of thin air – it never happened.

2 – Tucker’s daughter never “returned to the table in tears” as he claims. That too is a complete fiction.

3 – Tucker’s son and Tucker, together with the unidentified “friend,” were the aggressors that night as shown in the video. I never threatened any of them. When one views the video, you can clearly see whom is being aggressive. I am seated calmly.

4 – Tucker threatened me with physical violence and told me to “Go back to where you came from” before another patron started filming the incident. On the video, Tucker is shown yelling various profanities at me and threatening me. Tucker’s friend is seen grabbing me, yanking me off my chair and also threatening physical violence while another patron says there is no need for physical violence.

5 – Tucker’s daughter was drinking that night despite the fact that she is underage at 19. She repeatedly came to the bar to get drinks and Tucker was fully aware his daughter was drinking.

I intend on pursuing possible charges against Tucker for assault, against his son for assault and battery, and against his “friend” for assault and battery. I did not deserve to be treated that way that night and I did not deserve to be told to “go back to where you came from.”

I am confident that after a full and complete investigation, the truth will be known and Tucker’s version of events will be shown to be a complete fabrication.

KENNETH IN THE (212): Thick, muscular stud in a skimpy Speedo.

Rock hudson underwearFor those about to Rock ... (GIF via GIPHY)

SLASHFILM: Greg Berlanti, who is Arrow-vers, will bring a Rock Hudson biopic to the screen. I hope it's more compelling than the entertaining but frothy Bohemian Rhapsody.

JOE.MY.GOD.: Rick Scott is suing to seize voting machines in Florida — but oh, yeah, his opponent is the guy committing election fraud by insisting all votes be counted.

HUFF POST: Alarmingly, Trump seemed to sincerely not know Matthew Whitaker, his illegally acting AG, before the White House clarified on his behalf that he absolutely knows him, and has been getting to know him for a full year. Dementia?

SNL: On a related note, Kate McKinnon and SNL says bye-bye to Jeff Sessions:

EXTRATV: I guess it's totes okay to mock Trump as an orange Chee-To and for McKinnon to portray Sessions (teefs and all) as a human rodent, but when you make fun of a right-wing veteran's eyepatch (saying he looks like a hitman in a porn movie, not exactly a slam), you've gone too far — as Pete Davidson contritely admitted on the same SNL episode. Crenshaw is a veteran worthy of credit for that, but let's not lionize a guy who is pro-Trump, anti-abortion and NRA-approved, shall we?

POLITICO: Trump, too concerned about some drizzle to attend a military ceremony for which he'd flown to France, later popped up at an event with the country's prez, Macron, who roundly denounced nationalism, Trump's favorite ism (after racism, anti-Semitism and solipsism).

Anigif_enhanced-buzz-25237-1363631036-17Those arms ... (GIF via GIPHY)

INSTAGRAM: Tons of celeb b'days, including Stanley Tucci (58), who — let's face it — is a handsome guy who was once a total stud. Follow for more.

PINK NEWS: Tanzanian man arrested — for being gay.

YOUTUBE: This heartbreaking animated ad helps to hammer home toe issue of palm oil and overuse of plastics destroying the environment, with an assist from Emma Thompson: