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Dec 14 2018
Men In Art + NYC Subway Brute Caught + Find Out What Facebook Knows + Trump's Illegal Inauguration + Madonna Jewelry + Ellen Quitting? + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Here's why I love Summer Diary Project.

BELOW: Gay art, Republicans abandoning North Carolina Republican, a right-winger thinks it's harder being conservative than gay and more ...

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 10.35.43 PMHe captures men so well. (Image via Instagram)

INSTAGRAM: Love this guy's work.

NBC NEWS: Allasheed Allah, 54, has been arrested for the assault of a woman over a same-sex kiss the NYC subway, a brutal attack that broke the woman's spine. Welcome to modernity, baby.

CNBC: Here's how to DL a copy of everything Facebook knows about you — and it's a lot.

THE GUARDIAN: A fascinating survey of three men — gay, bi and trans — on the topic of what masculinity means to them.

HUFF POST: Trump inauguration is now under investigation for lawless spending. Terrific!

POLITICO: Scandal-plagued North Carolina Republican is radioactive to other Republicans. If only Republicans were this sensible about Trump.

WAPO: First her kidney tried to reject her, now Melania's approval rating is DOA — down by double digits.

WAPO: A 7-year-old immigrant taken into custody by U.S. border patrol has died of dehydration and exhaustion. Unconscionable. The only way this would not bother you is if you literally see immigrants as vermin.

PINK NEWS: Conservative commentator Gayle Trotter thinks being conservative is harder than being gay. Luckily, the idiot's getting dragged.

STANDARD: Jade Jagger's new jewelry line is dedicated to Madonna.

NYT: Ellen DeGeneres is threatening to quit her talk show.

GQ: Ronan Farrow on the “hard work” he does:

I keep my head down, and I do the work, and it’s pretty hard work, but harder for the sources I’m working with than it is for me. And anytime one of those sources feels that I’m a person that they can trust and come to if they have a significant story, and anytime someone knows that I will work carefully and meticulously to interrogate those claims but also create a space where they feel safe in coming forward with them, those are things I’m deeply grateful for. That’s what’s made this run of reporting possible.